What You Should Know About California Workers Compensation

If you run a business that has employees in the state of California, you are required to have workers compensation insurance. Not only does this help make sure that your employees are protected in the event of an injury, but it also protects your business from issues like lawsuits that may result as of a lack of coverage moving forward. There are five key points in particular that business owners should understand in order to successfully manage workers compensation in California. (more…)

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What to know when buying Auto Insurance

what to know about LA car insuranceFor anyone in Southern California, it is safe to assume we own a car and have purchased auto insurance. But did you know that not all auto liability insurance policies are created equal? The universe of car insurance is complex, with a range of coverage options that may, or may not, be right for your specific situation. As the California Department of Insurance puts it, car insurance is an oft-misunderstood product. Even when you meet the required by law, California minimum amount of insurance, are you appropriately covered for your specific needs?

Whether you are out shopping for new auto insurance or are not quite ready to start shopping, we wanted to provide you with the right knowledge to ask the right questions to get the right car insurance for you. So let’s take a look at some common myths about car insurance. (more…)

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Having an Employee Handbook is important to your business

importance of employee handbook to your businessHaving an employee handbook is an important tool for every business and is important for many reasons. Primarily, by having a handbook your business not only answers your employees’ questions but can help you address common misconceptions. It also provides your business with many elements of essential protection.

How an Employee Handbook benefits your business

A well written and implemented employee handbook can provide your business with many advantages, to include: (more…)

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What Type of Life Insurance is Right for You?

For the vast majority of people life insurance can be a hard insurance policy to understand. What type of policy? How much is the right amount? How often should I review or update my policy? Is my family adequately covered for today as well as the tomorrow?

We all understand that life insurance is one of the most important types of insurance you can purchase. It protects your family in case of your death or the death of your spouse and with certain policies it can provide a financial resource for those times, now or during retirement, when you might need extra cash. (more…)

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How Much Business Insurance Does Your Business Need?

You want to protect your business, but you don’t want to pay for more protection than you really need. You also don’t want to underinsure your business. In today’s web savvy world, you probably researched business insurance on the web as well as talking to your friends and family when appropriate. But how do you really go about finding the right level of coverage? How do get the answers for which types and how much business insurance is adequate? How much does it all cost?  Should you look online or consider speaking with an agent in person?

When starting your search, we suggest you speak with a local independent insurance agent, so you can get specific answers to your specific questions, tailored to your specific situation. However, understanding what questions to ask and why they might make different recommendations will be helpful in you making an informed decision that best meets your business needs. (more…)

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