Your LA Business Should Have These 7 Insurance Policies

why your LA business should have business insuranceWhile it’s true that there is no “one size fits all” approach to building the right insurance policy to meet the needs of your business, there are certain factors that your policy must address to offer the type of protection you’ll need moving forward. If you’re operating a business in or around the LA area, there are seven key types of commercial insurance policies that you should consider.

1. Business Interruption Insurance

Disaster can strike at the worst possible moment, which doesn’t just mean lost productivity – it also means lost revenue as a result. Business interruption insurance is designed to compensate you for income losses during these situations, allowing you to focus more on recovery and less on the financial ramifications of the incident itself. (more…)

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How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster in California

California homes destroyed by fire stormLiving in California, we know that every family is at risk of being involved in a natural disaster. These disasters can cause injury, loss of life and property damage. Although there is nothing you can do to stop a natural disaster from happening, you can prepare for the possibility and minimize the damage through family disaster planning. In order to create an effective family disaster plan, we recommend you review and follow the following steps:

1. Understand the different disasters you could face.

The types of natural disasters you could face depends on where you live. As residents of California, floods and fires are some of the most common natural disasters that we hear about or experience. However, you  should think about the different disasters that are most likely to occur in your area so you can prepare for each one. Once you create an appropriate plan, make sure every member of your family understands how each disaster would affect your home, as well as the reasoning behind your disaster plan. (more…)

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The Key Components of Good Home Insurance

homeowners insurance considerationsMany people don’t realize just how malleable home insurance can be until it’s far too late. The type of home you have, where in California you live and even how much time you spend there will all impact what type of home insurance you should buy and what types of coverage you should be interested in. There are definitely a few key components that separate a standard home insurance policy from a great one that you’ll need to be aware of moving forward. (more…)

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Should You Buy Identity Theft Insurance?

The Equifax data breach is just the latest of numerous instances where your data has potentially been put at risk by a large corporation. These situations are especially frightening because no matter what you are doing on a personal level try to keep your info private and avoid identity theft, you can lose that sense of security in the blink of an eye.

After a major data breach such as this, many people find themselves wondering if there is an additional layer of security that can protect them from a potential identity thief. One such option may be identity theft Insurance. However, not knowing exactly what identity theft protection is, and how it can help you in the wake of theft may prevent you from taking advantage of its many benefits. (more…)

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Best Time to Shop for Personal Insurance

when is the best time to shop personal insuranceShopping for insurance isn’t the same as shopping for other products. There aren’t typically any sales, clearance events or other promotions you can use to lower the prices of your policies, so you may wonder if one shopping time is better than another.

In general, you can switch insurance policies at any time. However, many policyholders find that they benefit most when they switch policies at the time their current policy is set to renew. (more…)

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