Is it Really Possible to Get a Lower Auto Insurance Rate?

First, let me answer the question directly, yes it is.  So now let’s take a few minutes and explore why many consumers are not taking advantage of savings year over year.

Do you often think about your auto policy, or are you like most drivers who don’t give their auto insurance much thought unless they are paying their premium or have been involved in an accident? When it is time to renew, do you simply let the renewal happen or do you think about shopping around? We would recommend that you take some time and actually shop around for some quotes on different auto insurance policies. You might discover that you have been paying more, perhaps even a lot more, than you need to be paying. According to a 2017 report from, nearly four out of ten Americans ho have auto insurance haven’t shopped to compare prices in at least three years. For a good driver, that inaction may amount to an average loss of $416.52 per year in savings.

If you’ve had the same auto insurance for years, now is the time to take a few minutes and shop around for a better deal on car insurance Los Angeles.

Auto Insurance in California

For California drivers, studies indicate that the differences between average minimum and average maximum premiums can be as much of a difference as $325.18. This spread means that savings of up to 27% are available; it also means that this hypothetical insurance shopper will have to navigate a wide range of prices, quotes and options in order to find the right policy to fit their needs.

That’s the reason why so many drivers simply get insurance, then don’t bother with it again. Sorting through all the coverage options is time-consuming and overwhelming. But that’s where your Lawndale independent insurance agent comes in. Your agent will help you find the policies that best meet your needs and budget, as well as explain their benefits in terms that are easy to understand, simplifying the decision-making process.

To find the right deal on auto insurance, give your independent agents at Pacific Unified Insurance a call today.

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