HOA Insurance

Is your HOA insurance full of mystery and unclear what it covers?
Have you thought about how to prepare and insure for disaster?

Demystify your insurance! Call Wendy for a free assessment today!

Wendy Weber is a specialist in community association insurance. She has a Property & Casualty insurance license and oversees insurance programs for Pacific Unified Insurance’s HOA clients. Wendy regularly presents at Board education events for ECHO and CAI.

Wendy will be speaking at the 10/28/17 ECHO Educational Seminar in Monterey. Click here for event information.


310-370-5000 ext. 3041

Call us for a Board meeting and we will go over the following with your members:

  • How to determine what the association should insure
  • Insuring for Disaster
  • Property Coverage – Is it Bare Walls or Full Coverage?
  • Replacement Limits
  • Deductibles
  • Earthquake / DIC
  • Admitted vs Non-Admitted
  • Liability & Umbrella Coverage
  • Directors and Officers
  • Fidelity/Bond/Crime
  • Workers Compensation Coverage
  • Short Term Rentals and their effect on HOA insurance
  • HO-6 Personal Homeowners Coverage

2017 Upcoming Events for Pacific Unified Insurance, HOA Division

10/20/17 CAI Legal Forum, Universal City
10/28/17 ECHO Educational Seminar, Monterey
11/7/17 CACM Forum Luncheon, San Diego
1/25/18 CACM Northern CA Law Seminar, Santa Clara