California State Disability Insurance Services

Your business needs employees to run smoothly and efficiently – but what happens when a key employee suffers an injury or illness that leads to a disability?

It happens more often than you might imagine. Every six seconds, a worker suffers a debilitating injury at work, according to research from the National Safety Council. That’s more than 5 million disabling injuries each year!

Disability Insurance Coverage Options

Disability insurance protects your employees from financial ruin should they be unable to work as a result of a non-occupational injury or disease, helping to cover the cost of:

  •  Daily living expenses
  •  Ongoing financial obligations, such as mortgages or credit cards
  •  Rehabilitative services
  •  Personal care assistance
  •  Dependent care

Disability insurance benefits your business, as well. By offering a comprehensive benefits package that includes disability, your company is more likely to attract and retain talented employees. Plus, your premiums may be tax deductible as a business expense.

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