Network Security/Privacy/Cyber Liability

For today’s businesses, the Internet represents a critical piece in operations , from e-commerce to information delivery and data storage.While reliance on digital devices brings many benefits, it also exposes your business to risk related to cyber attacks, network damage, theft of personal and corporate information, and copyright infringement, just to name a few.
These liability issues don’t just impact your company’s financial situation,but can harm your reputation, brand and image, as well.

At Pacific Unified Insurance, we know how important it is to protect your company’s and your clients’ sensitive digital information. That’s why we offer network security, privacy and cyber liability insurance plans — for both first and third parties — covering risks associated with e-business, networks, informational assets and the Internet.


Network Security

Many insurance policies only cover tangible losses, but a breach in network security may lead to electronic losses that are just as devastating — but not covered under traditional policies. Network security insurance mitigates the risk of loss from activities such as:

  • Data and system integrity issues
  • Security breaches
  • Data theft or tampering
  • Computer viruses
  • Data restoration losses
  • Denial of service and business interruption losses
  • Cyber-terrorism attacks



If your company uses the Internet to conduct business or sales, store personal information such as customer credit card or social security numbers, or store sensitive, confidential information, a security breach, cyber attack, hacker or virus can cause irreparable damage. Privacy liability insurance covers losses that arise from the failure to protect sensitive information by providing liability coverage for:

  • Notifying those whose personal information has been compromised
  • Regulatory defense coverage
  • Forensics services
  • Credit monitoring
  • Legal expenses
  • Expenses to comply with government privacy regulations


Cyber Liability

When your business creates a web site, you’re exposed to new customers — and to new legal liabilities and threats. Cyber liability insurance protects your company from the risks associated with doing business online, so whether you’re attacked by a hacker, have your normal flow of business interrupted, fail to protect sensitive data, or get sued for copyright infringement, you’ll be covered.


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