Commercial Bonding

Whether you need a bond for a new business, to satisfy a legal obligation, or to guarantee a contract, Pacific Unified Insurance can provide the commercial bonding service that’s right for your needs.

Since 1922, we’ve been helping companies throughout the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Ventura and the Inland Empire do business.


Supporting Your Business Through Commercial or Surety Bonds

Commercial bonds help your business run more smoothly. Also known as surety bonds, commercial bonds are often required by municipal, state and federal government agencies. Commercial bonding serves to indemnify against loss in case an ordinance or regulation is violated.

Commercial bonds also ensure that the terms and obligations of a contract between parties are met by backing up these agreements with monetary value.

We Can Help!

Pacific Unified Insurance provides a range of commercial bonding options to meet your needs. Whether you require union, license and permit, fidelity, bid, performance or payment bonds, we can help! Just call us at (310) 370-5000 to talk to one of our professional team members.