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Why Your Business Should Have an Employee Handbook

bigstock-140802683Many small businesses and startups in particular see an employee handbook as something of a necessary evil. They're theoretically important, but yet at the same time are something that doesn't actually seem to be that valuable very often. In reality, the reverse is true: a quality employee handbook can affect an organization from the top down, both in terms of employee retention and helping their workforce work smarter and harder at the same time.

The Major Advantages of an Employee Handbook

Perhaps the number one reason why an employee handbook is so important comes down to communication. Not only does a handbook clearly outline what your small business will expect from your employees, but it also helps them get a sense of what your company culture is like. This is particularly essential to startups, where corporate culture can play a huge role in why a candidate may pick one company over the other. An employee handbook is also a valuable tool to get an employee's expectations and outlook in order. By taking the time to detail exactly what a particular job description entails, an employee also knows what their job doesn't involve. This can help them stay sharp and focused, always devoting their attention on exactly what you expect as opposed to wasting time on things you ultimately never needed or wanted them to do in the first place. Another major reason why handbooks are so important is because they outline any benefits the employee can expect to receive. All of your policies regarding sick leave, paid time off, retirement benefits, health coverage and more are clearly detailed in the book for the employee to refer to at any time. Any questions regarding these policies are always in writing for the employee to refer to, saving you the trouble of doing so yourself. Finally, an employee handbook can also protect your business from a legal perspective. A solid employee handbook will act as an equally strong foundation to prove that your small business always acted with reasonable care towards all its employees, which is particularly valuable if you ever find yourself the subject of a lawsuit for wrongful termination or discrimination.

Pacific Unified Insurance Agency

At Pacific Unified Insurance, we believe these are just a few of the major employee handbook advantages that small businesses and startups in particular should not ignore. If you'd like to find out more information about properly setting up a handbook for your employees, or if you'd like to speak to someone directly to discuss any other employee benefits related questions you may have, don't delay - contact Pacific Unified Insurance Agency today.

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