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Your LA Business Should Have These 7 Insurance Policies

why your LA business should have business insuranceWhile it's true that there is no "one size fits all" approach to building the right insurance policy to meet the needs of your business, there are certain factors that your policy must address to offer the type of protection you'll need moving forward. If you're operating a business in or around the LA area, there are seven key types of commercial insurance policies that you should consider.

1. Business Interruption Insurance

Disaster can strike at the worst possible moment, which doesn't just mean lost productivity - it also means lost revenue as a result. Business interruption insurance is designed to compensate you for income losses during these situations, allowing you to focus more on recovery and less on the financial ramifications of the incident itself.

2. Vehicle Insurance

If someone driving your company car gets into an accident, your entire organization could be responsible. Vehicle insurance is a comprehensive type of policy that covers both the damages that you're responsible for as well as those that you're not.

3. Product Liability Insurance

If your business sells products to customers, you should consider product liability insurance. If one of your products causes damage or injury - even in a situation where it was misused by the customer - your organization could be responsible. Product liability insurance protects you should you find yourself in this type of situation.

4. Home-based Business Insurance

Many people don't realize that if they run a business out of their home, their standard homeowner's insurance policy likely isn't going to provide the level of protection they need to address the types of risk they face. Home-based business insurance, on the other hand, will help provide the coverage you need.

5. Professional Liability Insurance

Also commonly referred to as errors and omissions insurance, this is a type of policy that will cover your business against negligence claims, claims that result from mistakes or a general failure to perform and much, much more.

6. Property Insurance

This is a specific type of policy designed to cover everything from equipment to signage to inventory in the event that your business suffers from a situation like a natural disaster or even theft. If the loss of certain assets would bring your business to its proverbial knees, property insurance should be strongly considered.

7. Workers' Compensation Insurance

If your business has employees, make no mistake: it is the law in California that you must have workers' compensation insurance. This will cover any and all medical expenses including treatment and disability, along with death benefits, in the unfortunate event that one of your employees is injured or even killed while on the job.

Pacific Unified Insurance

For decades, Pacific Unified Insurance has been helping to provide for the needs of businesses just like yours. If you have any additional questions about the types of commercial insurance that your LA-based business needs, or if you'd just like to discuss your own situation in a little more detail, don't delay - contact us today.

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